Thursday, January 15, 2009

They slayed all suckas who perpetrate and layed down law from state to state.

Age is creeping up on me. Run-DMC got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. These guys were the 1st rap group that acted like a rock band. Bravado, guitars and leather. Their lyrics are still some of the greatest rhymes ever. "Peter Piper" still rocks the party. "My Adidas" is the 1st rap I memorized completely. I saw them on tour with L.L. Cool J (Cut Creator was perched on top of the largest ghetto blaster I had ever seen), Whodini and the Beastie Boys. When "My Adidas" was performed, everyone in the UIC Pavilion in Chicago(1986)hoisted their shoe in the air and "rocked to the beat with Lee on my legs and Adidas on my feet." "King of Rock" has the biggest intro at the time, with DMC proclaiming the throne behind one of the biggest beats you ever heard. I can go on for days with their music.

Big ups to Metallica for getting into the Hall, too. That was the thing about coming of age in the 1980's. Me and my peers listened to rap and metal. It is an angry young male thing.