Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Hard For a Sister Kennedy.

Among the joy and ecstasy of President Obama's inauguration is the strange ending to one of his key allies of his campaign. Caroline Kennedy withdrew her name from consideration to Hillary Clinton's vacated Senate seat. I admit I have a soft spot for her. I always liked the way she handle herself in the middle of her family's public tragedy. I am speaking of primarily her immediate family. I don't care how much money or how much "power" a family has, every family has real pain. A father murdered in public, a mother dead of cancer and a brother and sister-in-law dead from a plan crash, right before the wedding of a cousin. I don't have time to get into her extend family issues-including a dying uncle in public. Put yourself in her shoes. How would you react? I am lucky to have both of my parents and my sister still active and feisty as ever. My wife is blessed in the same way. I know she didn't handle this adventure in public service well, but I am still a fan.