Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How Should I Approach "The Man"?

When I drive to work, I usually listen to hip hop. It gets me prepared for the traffic jujitsu I have to perform to get to work. This morning, the soundtrack featured on of my favorite Public Enemy tunes, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos. The opening lyric, snarled by the great Chuck D is

"I gotta letter from the government the other day.
I open, read it.
It said they were suckers..."

I know writers have been questioning how President Obama will shape the viewpoint of minorities on the government. Here is a great article about it from the New Times by Matt Bai.

As I was driving and doing my best Chuck D impersonation, I notice a little let up in how I rapped that line. The most powerful person in the world is a black man. "The man" is a black man. Protesting will grow a different face in the future.