Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pictures of a Great show

Fishbone was remarkable tonight. The band was full of power, shine and fun. Angelo Moore was in fine stage diving form. Norwood, a bass hero of mine, was simply amazing. Especially on his furious slap bass on "Bonin' in the Bone Yard". The whole current line up of the band was bad ass. Their latest album, Still Stuck In Your Throat, is the triumphant return to my favorite era of Fishbone albums. The new stuff, like "Changes" and "Let Dem Hos Fight" fits right in with their classic sound. I should have written down the 2 hour set. Hopefully it will be updated here soon. Of the 3 opening acts, Heavy Mojo was the band that stuck out to me. As a bassist, I usually don't like bands without bass players, but these guys rocked. The drummer was smokin'. Enjoy the pictures of the show.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On the scene for heroes of my youth.

What is it about bands of a person's youth? The passionate devotion I gave (and continue to give) to certain bands always warm my heart. I am sitting here in Austin at Emo's waiting for Fishbone. This band has been through the journey of life. Band
members, producers lost and found. Musical journeys hitting solid ground and meandering aimlessly. This is me life as well. During this time of reflection (economy gone to hell, bright new Presidential light, holiday cheer with family and friends far and near and whatmore) I feel good going back to a place of emotional comfort. More after the show.....