Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gig Tonight: Soul Track Mind at TC's Lounge 10pm-1am

The busy guy post-Copied from my Facebook Event Announcement.

Hey it's Austin Fashion Week!

After voting for Avant Salon and Connie Strang Fredericks ( or any of the fabulous Avant Talent) for Austin Fashion Awards on Sunday and attending whatever swanky party your going to on Wednesday evening, come get loose with Soul..

It was hot last week. The floor was quakin', bodies were shakin' to the sticky sweet, soulful beat.

Yeah we got some more for you, too.

Remember! Antone's Sun 8/2 Battle of the Bands gig. Tickets are $8 adv/$10 door.

We are offering a special for our loyal TC's customers:
Loyal paying TC's customer will be able to pick up tickets for the Sun 8/2 Antone's Battle of the Bands show for $3!
All of the band members have tickets, so come see us before the set, in the break or after the show each Wednesday leading up to Sun 8/2!

News for the Soul:

1. Demo mastering is finished! We planning to get it press up in the next couple of weeks and we will post the tunes on Myspace and Facebook as soon as possible.

2. The photo shoot to show off our total sexiness, is tentatively scheduled for this weekend. Yes, you want to see more of us.

3. Follow us on Twitter!

We will be having giveaways that only our Tweeps will have opportunities to win.

4. Updated with updated gig pics.

We are working on getting all the media updated-New website, Facebook Fanpage, new swag with our fabulous new logos, coming soon...

As always-

Folks, the SOUL TRACK MIND express is gaining steam....

Jump aboard! All are welcome!

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It's a Soul Track World and you'll love livin' here...

For the Professional Party Person...

Every week:
$5 cover.
BYOBooze....They have beer...
and sometimes there is free food.

You can take East 12th street all the way to Springdale Road. Cross Springdale Road and proceed to Webberville. Make a left on Webberville the soul shack is on the right-hand side.

The link to the map:

Soul Track Mind:

TC's Lounge:

To quote Don Cornelius
"We wish you love, peace and soul!"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beat Don't Lie.

Bands are some of the most intimate relationships people can have. Music is like the raw energy of love/conflict/pain/joy flowing simultaneously. A band trying to lock into the vibe of that energy is often on the edge of volatility. If one person in the band is not focused, the energy will blow up. The stage is the eye of the storm, the center of the vortex. The audio experience for the audience is always different. The center of the vortex could be collapsing and the audience can be oblivious to this action. A dropped beat, a missed cue. An audience of die-hard fans or trained musicians will notice the hiccups. The lack of focus of one band member will create a black hole, growing and ever expanding.

I say this because at when all is said and done, we as musicians have to respect our craft. We should love to listen, study those who inspire us to play, track down and investigate sounds and get consumed in the sound of our instruments. Learning how to practice and what to practice is essential. Developing the focus and concentration to be a positive part of band energy comes from practicing well.

I thought about long and hard over the last weekend because of STM's last TC's show. The crowd was into it, but our vortex was collapsing, falling into the same traps, missed notes and beats that have plagued us for the last 2 months. We all need to concentrate and not fall for the biased opinions of our friends and fans. In the end, musical sloppiness catches up to everyone. To paraphrase basketball prophet Rasheed Wallace, "Beat don't lie".

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gig Tonight: Soul Track Mind at TC's Lounge 10pm-1am

Every week, Austin's Best Soul Dance Party is in effect. Come check us out at TC's Lounge.

After last Friday's Momo's gig, we went back to the woodshed to work on some tempo and groove issues. Donovan, our singer, sent an open email to all of us about some of the issues we had at the Momo's gig. Let's see if things lock in better this week. More details tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey Ritchie, Happy Birthday.

I know Michael Jackson's tribute is all over the web today. After the last few weeks of fallen celebrities with troubled pasts, I want to celebrate one who is alive and well and lookin' good for a 69 year old man.

Is he the greatest drummer ever? Of course not (you could make an strong argument that Paul McCartney and even his son Zak are better drummers.) Drumming and overall musicianship is more than technique. It's about feel, it's about knowing your role in piece of music or a song. It's about what you play and don't play. It's about playing space and letting music breathe. Ringo did all that. His unique drum fill style came from the fact he is left handed and played a right handed drum kit.

Ringo Starr has always appreciated his position in life. I have never seen him in public, angry or surly. He is always positive when speaking about his past and he uses the word love more than most musicians. Yes, he was lucky to be in the Beatles, but wasn't John lucky to have Paul and vice versa? Wasn't Paul lucky to have a friend like George for John to meet? The Beatles are my favorite band and served as the gateway to music for me. The Bealtes, Motown, Stax/Volt and Miles Davis were the soundtrack my father and mother played in my youth. I am lucky that they encouraged me to become the best musician I can be.

Happy Birthday Ringo Starr, Peace and Love.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gig Tonight: Soul Track Mind at Momo's Tonight-12:45am $5

This was a last minute call by David Cotton, talent buyer for Momo's and The Saxon Pub here in Austin Texas. Some band dropped out at the last minute and Cotton had been sitting on an old demo Donovan gave him a few months ago. Celebrate liberty or the resignation of Sarah Palin tonite.

It's funny being a musician or in a band. We hop with a phone call. We hate missing any opportunity, it's worse than drugs. In every music scene, there is an elite musicians try to impress-tastemakers like bookers, writers and more successful bands. It's a private mafia of decision makers that can change their minds on a whim or make a lasting decision on you and can effect careers. The (successful) music industry is actually pretty small and tight, like any other professional artistic community. It's the "making of the sausage" and the kabuki dancing that makes it fun and infuriating.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gig Tonight: Soul Track Mind at TC's Lounge 10pm-1am

Tonight is The Weekly Soul Shindig. The Best Soul Dance Party in Austin Texas. TC's Lounge 10pm-1am. $5 and it's bring your own booze.

I love this time before gigs. I like to relax and concentrate on the show. On this gig, I play bass and singer back up. I warm up on bass and vocals. I have some solos so I work out some ideas on guitar. Since it's a weekly gig, we use the 1st set as a lab. We work on new tunes and new ideas. This week the new tune is "Ghost of Soul" It was written by our lead singer Donovan. It's a pretty good groove. The nature of this gig always depends on the crowd. We get a loyal college following. We have to be careful, though. We play covers and originals. We want to make sure the kids don't think of us as a cover band, so each we add more originals to the set list. Right now it's about 40/60 originals to covers.

C'mon out, if you are around...