Friday, July 3, 2009

Gig Tonight: Soul Track Mind at Momo's Tonight-12:45am $5

This was a last minute call by David Cotton, talent buyer for Momo's and The Saxon Pub here in Austin Texas. Some band dropped out at the last minute and Cotton had been sitting on an old demo Donovan gave him a few months ago. Celebrate liberty or the resignation of Sarah Palin tonite.

It's funny being a musician or in a band. We hop with a phone call. We hate missing any opportunity, it's worse than drugs. In every music scene, there is an elite musicians try to impress-tastemakers like bookers, writers and more successful bands. It's a private mafia of decision makers that can change their minds on a whim or make a lasting decision on you and can effect careers. The (successful) music industry is actually pretty small and tight, like any other professional artistic community. It's the "making of the sausage" and the kabuki dancing that makes it fun and infuriating.