Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Always in the Mood For This

Sometimes at night, my mind runs back to when my life was simpler. When all I ever wanted to do was be on the cover of Musician Magazine. That magazine was the best American music magazine, ever.

I would stay up late and read the magazine with MTV on as my companion. This was when MTV always played videos. Videos started getting very interesting and kinda strange. MTV start August of 1981. Initially, there weren't enough videos (they didn't really start playing videos from black artists until Michael Jackson's Thriller took over the world in 1983. Then Prince had Purple Rain in 1984, but I digress). To fill the gap, older artists were making videos for their new albums. The 80's are littered with awkward videos from established stars like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie (well, the videos from Let's Dance were pretty cool), The Rolling Stones (Harlem Shuffle, anyone? Yet Undercover is one of the greatest videos ever), Glenn Frey as a dope dealer?

One video that I always loved was Robert Plant's In The Mood. The song always let me drift into a simple state of listening to something beautiful. The video is like a dream. Even though Plant has bad 80's hair, I like the dream of the scenes. Break dancers boppin' to a melody guitar & keyboard solo? The watery guitarlick, the flash of "Mad Men" chicks lip syncing the backgrounds, the fun Plant has when he join the band lip syncing the backgrounds, the horse running to the damsel in the empty house in some latino paradise, the oil on the plastic wire simulating running water, the mirrored sheets, the close-ups of Plant...

I could go on, but this is why You Tube was invented.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Feelin' Never Gets Old....

The feelin' right before I hit the stage.
I know the band is tight. Everything is everything
and it's alright.

The feelin' when we hit the stage.
The crowd is in the space. Everything is everything.
My band owns this place.

The feelin' after we burn the stage.
Givin' them good love. Everything is everything.
Now ya'll know what we made of...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Schedules, Schedules, Schedules

No, the swine flu did not get me.

It has been a great and busy couple of weeks. Let's do a recap, shall we?

1. LEOG recordings.

2. Gigs with Soul Track Mind

3. Various competitive media projects...

4. Practicing bass and guitar. Putting money down on a new Fender Precision Bass. Also, branching into teaching bass.

5. Performing in a video for work. I will get the outtakes and post them. I got some pretty tasty guitar licks.

6. New tires for the Funk Wagon.

Now that I'm on twitter, I am basically micro blogging all the time. I am finally working on my website that will included this blog, all of my social media connects, my ongoing music projects (audio and video), my writing (papers and poetry), photos, calender, etc. I really want everything in one place with different channels. I look at myself as a media creator. I think of my body as the tree and the branches are my ideas.

My goal is to blog everyday. I have a lot to say and I think of the blog as a column of my thoughts. Reports of my life. I must schedule time to write like I do to workout or practicing.

Other thoughts:

Happy 100 days to President Obama.

I was immersed in the 7 game battle my dear Bulls lost to the Boston Celtics. I needless to say, I was happy to see the Celtics lose yesterday.

Congrats to LeBron on his MVP Trophy.

R.I.P Dom Deluise.

Two Words: Treasure Bath! Treasure Bath!

24 has gotten bizarre, but I will ride it out. Plus, I feel I'm the only one who watches this show I know. So I stopped doing the 10 Observation post. I started to track Soul Track Mind so I stopped the Damages 10 Observations posts for that. I enjoyed the season finale. It was neater than last year, but still left me wanting more.

I really want to keep up my 10 observation posts for 2 other shows coming back: True Blood and Mad Men. Make that 3, I have to include Entourage.

Great job by the Divine Jill Scott in #1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO. Plus congrats on the new baby boy. I love this show because of the light touches and the positive images of Africa.

Yes, I like HBO.

In organizing this blog, I will create subject posts (10 Observations, The Mind of a Music, Social Media, etc..) on certain days. I will add more video, pictures and audio to the blog. I am trying to make the jump to really getting my media life together. I just need to schedule, schedule, schedule...

I appreciate anyone & everyone that takes the time to read my posts and journey with me.