Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gig Tonight: Soul Track Mind at TC's Lounge 10pm-1am

Tonight is The Weekly Soul Shindig. The Best Soul Dance Party in Austin Texas. TC's Lounge 10pm-1am. $5 and it's bring your own booze.

I love this time before gigs. I like to relax and concentrate on the show. On this gig, I play bass and singer back up. I warm up on bass and vocals. I have some solos so I work out some ideas on guitar. Since it's a weekly gig, we use the 1st set as a lab. We work on new tunes and new ideas. This week the new tune is "Ghost of Soul" It was written by our lead singer Donovan. It's a pretty good groove. The nature of this gig always depends on the crowd. We get a loyal college following. We have to be careful, though. We play covers and originals. We want to make sure the kids don't think of us as a cover band, so each we add more originals to the set list. Right now it's about 40/60 originals to covers.

C'mon out, if you are around...