Sunday, January 18, 2009


I like this play on words better the headline on the Huffpost, Obama-Stock. I had the TV i picture in picture mode. I peeked into the performances while watching the NFC title game (as of right now, it' Arizona 32, Philadelphia 25).

The performances were pretty good. I still don't get Josh Groban. The speakers were great also. I like Tiger Woods talking about his father and his military service. It Garth Brooks was enjoyable. I have to admit I am tired of John Legend. Pairing Usher with Shakira and Stevie Wonder makes you realize how awesome Stevie Wonder really is. U2 was well, U2. Springsteen with Pete Seeger was a very classy way to end it. Near the end, 44 got up and put the mode in perspective. He reminded us about the problems we will deal with after the parties. On the fashion tip, everyone looked great. I dig Beyonce's chocolate Sgt. Pepper's jacket. The Boss looked great. I love the military jackets with the mandarin collar. I think tries to hard with his fashion. He is like a black Jeremy Piven, forcing his way to be fashionable: