Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 is Back! 10 Thoughts on the first 2 hours.

After almost 2 years, 24 is back with a vengeance. The Redemption Teaser was pretty good. A great reminder of how thrilling Jack Bauer can be.

Well my first impressions of the season are:

1. The opening car crash scene was intense. I wonder if they are toning down the violence, because the guy they took in from the car had his daughter in it and she didn't die. Perhaps the writers are going to ease us into bloodshed.

2. I like Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) as a bad guy. I am curious about his endgame. I also like the idea that Jack is really going to be challenged by someone he knows again. Flashbacks, anyone?

3. Did David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) really have a subliminal influence with the election of Barack Obama? If so, did the writer's strike delay of 24 subliminally hurt Hilary Clinton's chances? I really like President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones). She is tough, smart and might a sense of humor that Palmer didn't have.

4. The subplot with her husband investigating the "suicide" of their son is going to some dark place. Beware of the presidential spouse! ( I miss Sherri Palmer!)

5. Janeane Garofolo is a welcome addition to the cast. Her off-beat delivery is going to be a nice addition. I wonder if there will be any scenes with her and Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub). That scene will be tense and funny.

6. I like the way Jack Bauer slides back into threatening his former friends. He almost puts a pen in the eye of a former associate. What a guy.

7. The subplot with the African genocide/political unrest is interesting. I like the way the writers can pull relevant world conflicts into the plot. I also like the how the show is used to make African issues more public.

8. What is the deal with the FBI agent Renee Walker and her boss. He seems obsessed with her. I love the government agency interplay. I am a sap for "rogue agents" going against protocol.

9. I like the move to DC. I'm tired of LA getting all the good action.

10. I wonder if the Justice Department will indict Bauer. I hope the story doesn't just end because he is dragged into another mission.

Tomorrow will be the 2nd 2 hour premiere. I think the show has moved to Wednesdays. That means Wednesday will be the TV night, since Damages also airs that night. I will be blogging about these shows for the season.