Monday, January 5, 2009

The Mundane Task of Syncing Calendars.

It is funny how a little thing like syncing calendars can get a person to rethink how he views and organizes information.

My father bought me a Franklin Planning System when I was 16 (now Franklin Covey) I have adapted the system to suit my organization needs. I am rather anal retentive with my organization needs. Actually, my goal in life is to make my thoughts as efficient as possible. I know, but this is part of my personality. To go along with that process, I like all of my calenders to be on available on one device. I also want to be able to update from any device or computer and have all calenders update. I have an iPhone, a MacBook Pro at home and a Dell Laptop at home. My work calendar is Outlook, home is iCal and Mobile Me and I use my Google calendar for the Bureau of Labor Statistics in need for my job. Now, my iCal has my Google calendar synced and the Outlook Calendar syncs to my Google calendar, so my work calendar shows up in my iCal. The issue is that my iCal uses Mobile Me to update my iPhone, but Mobile Me doesn't sync Google calendar. So I have bored you by now. Now you know my life over the last 2 hours. I'm sorry, you won't get your time back for reading this blogpost.