Monday, January 12, 2009

24 is Back!, Part II ! 10 Thoughts on the last 2 hours.

Now we are cookin'!

Tonight's episode got back to the 24 we know and love. The double agents, the rogue agents, Jack turning on his friends and his friends forgiving him, the secret life of a Presidential spouse...

1. I am glad Tony is working the deep cover. I also like that Tony admits to Jack that he was on the dark side of the force for awhile so this leaves open the possibility that Tony and Jack will have more conflict.

2. I like the idea of the FBI hunting Bauer and that the pursuit might push agent Renee Walker into Jack Bauer mode. The hospital scene was cool.

3.Did I call this yesterday or what? The return of Chloe and she battled Janis in a hot geek chick showdown. Can't wait until they meet. But is the FBI turning into CTU (Jack-Renee, Chloe-Janis?)

4. Bill Buchanan all Zenned out and focused on some conspiracy. Where did he get the funds to do this? There is a can of worms there I think.

5. Is Henry, husband to the President, in danger? I can't quite get a handle on his security guy-Agent Gedge. He seems kinda creepy. I hope he isn't, I liked Aaron Pierce, the secret service dude from the past 6 seasons. By the way, he is the only character other than Jack to appear in all of the seasons of 24.

6. I think 24 is trying to insert some humor. The conversation between Jack and Tony as they are trying to escape the FBI offices is pretty funny. Sorry about that stuff about your wife. Sorry about almost breaking your neck. Plus as Jack drives the car over the edge telling himself "this is gonna hurt.." I wonder if they are going to add a little John McClane to Jack.

7. The action influences of new James Bond movies and the Bourne movies are evident. The car crashes, the breaking glass, the tight camera shots. This show is always ahead of the curve for network television. I think the void of the writers strike really hurt network TV more than cable. I am not so sure that Mad Men, Damages, Burning Bad or even the Closer or Leverage would have the audiences they have with the void of a show like 24 or Lost.

8. President Taylor is going to have a bad day. The conspiracy in her administration took out her son. That will be interesting. I wonder how Bill Buchanan knows about the it? Is he involved?

9. Why is Jack always attacking consulates and dignitaries?

10. Bill Buchanan has a something sinister about him this season. It's the beard and haircut making him mean.

24 will air on Monday nights, so I will have Wednesdays for Damages.