Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Delicious Damages.

I can't watch this show looking straight at the screen. The angles of this show cut and slice. The twists are awesome. The acting is great. What I love about this show is the pain and twisting is in all of the actors' faces. The actors all have strong jaws that seem to be taut with tension at all times. The writing is just as tight. Here is my Top Ten Things about this episode:

1. I love the dramatic use of the time jumps. It makes the show appear to squeeze closer to some terrible truth. The clues about the ending get juicier as the audience gets squeezed in the vice.

2. William Hurt will get an Emmy for this role. His acting is so subtle, he acts with the gait of his walk. Some actors have such control of their movements-Denzel Washington is one that comes to mind. When he is walking toward his daughter as she is planting a tree for her murdered mom, his fatherly walk is great. He is a superb actor.

3. Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), getting it done. This woman has great calves. So is Claire Maddox (Marcia Gay Harden). Go for that cleavage girl! Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) is pretty easy on the eyes too. These women are sharp dressers, also. What is so great about these cable shows is the attention to detail they have. The sets, the clothes and the casting is top notch.

4. Wes Krulik (Timothy Olyphant) obsession with Arthur Frobisher (Ted Dansen). Clipping the news article was creepy and you knew once he opened the cabinet, there would be more clippings. I thought they would be pictures of Ellen, but no! Homeboy has more weapons of mass destruction than Iraq had in 2003. Did he work for Frobisher? The flash forward with him and Ellen in bed was interesting. The fact that she gets called out of the apartment and Tom Shayes(Tate Donovan) gives her the gun she waves and shoots the mystery person with is great.

5. Ellen's turn on Tom Shayes. One of the lingering story techniques I love about this show is how the audience is engrossed with the characters, without liking them all the time. The way Ellen turned on Tom, letting him hang himself was not cool. I like the trick of having Patty (she knew about the bribe since she bugged the office) save Tom from himself. Or is it more of Patty's games with Tom.

6. Ah a Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader moment between Daniel Purcell (William Hurt) and Michael Hewes (Zachary Booth). They pass by the elevator. The are both blond and Daniel seems to be extremely touched by meeting Michael.

7. What the hell is Daniel Purcell digging a hole for and what is he burning?

8. Claire Maddox, so timid in the car with Daniel Purcell. Are they having an affair? Is the a conspiracy concerning the documents?

9. The FBI agent-Agent Werner (Glenn Kessler) going through the divorce while trying to nail Patty Hewes. The realism with his partner-Agent Harrison (Mario Van Peebles) getting annoyed it a nice touch.

10. Uncle Pete (Tom Aldredge) is a disturbing man. Talk about the man who knew too much!

You should be watching Damages.