Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where is Alan Keyes when you need him?

After watching the sarcastic, demeaning speech by Gov. Palin, I had a few thoughts.

1. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton and I hope she attacks her.

2. Sarah Palin doesn't do sarcasm well, plus she fits right in with the Republican way-lie and distort Barack's record on authoring bills. 

3. The wonderful Rachel Maddow pointed to a possible pastor problem for Sarah Palin. Rachel mentioned this Politico article.

4. Where is my man Alan Keyes as the moral conscience of the Republicans? (I know he left the party)

Hearken back to 2004, when Bush/Cheney  had a chance to end. When we should have ended our long, national nightmare. It was this moral warrior that singled out Mary Cheney for the "selfish hedonism" of homosexuality. He was the only one with the courage to call her a sinner. 

Imagine what he would say about the sinner Bristol Palin. Would he comment on the moral standing of Bristol's parents? Would he blame Gov. Palin for Bristol's unplanned pregnancy? Perhaps he would reference this article. Would he council Bristol and her young beau Levi Johnston on parenting and family values? 

Here is a free idea for a talk show:  The 2 Als! Alan Keyes and Al Sharpton. They're Black! They're Religious! They're DYNO-MITE!