Thursday, September 4, 2008

Block Chords for Blockheads

I just left the Toadies concert. Now because I'm a musician, I don't believe I can give unbiased opinions on music. I have not had a hit record yet( mark my words, there is still time as long as I breathe!) Most of the projects I have and continue to work on are independant.

That being said, the Toadies music stinks. No dynamics, no variation. Just block guitar chords. Fratboy music. I should have known. You can almost always tell if you are going to like a band by the dress of the audience. This crowd was full of the T-Shirts with frat takes on famous logos, stupid plaid, baggy shorts, flip-flops, Texas College baseball caps (UT, Texas State, etc.), crewcuts and blonde chicks. Future Republicans. I know I shouldn't stereotype, but sometimes it is all you have to describe a scene.

Posted by ShoZu