Monday, September 1, 2008

It's The New Style

"And on the cool check in
Center stage on the mic
And we're
puttin' it on wax
It's the new style"

It's the symbolic end of summer and the new beginning of my blog. I am making the switch to Blogger from Wordpress because of the ease of use.

For anyone reading my blog for the first time, thank you and I hope you enjoy my words. 

As the symbolic end of the summer, let me take a moment to identify my big moments of the summer:

1. Politics. Politics. Politics.
From Hillary's concession speech in June to Barack's coronation last Thursday. From McCain's summer stagnation to his interesting VP pick last Friday. This fall is going to one hell of a race. I am voting for Barack Obama

2. Sports.
Michael Phelps, USA Basketball Gold, The Boston Celtics as NBA champions, the Yankees demise (yeah!), the end of the Mike and the Mad Dog, fantasy football. 

3. Music, Movies and TV.
The Dark Knight in Imax (the best movie experience I have had in a long time.) The return of Mad Men.
New album by Dhani Harrison's band, The Newno2. - You are here.
The best bass band ever- SMV: Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. The opening night of the Return to Forever at the Paramount Theatre in Austin. The passings of Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac.

4. Personal.
Graduating St. Edward's University with my MBA in Corporate Finance. Turning 37. Getting rejected for the job I was groomed to take. My place of employment getting put on the auction block. Recording demo to book gigs and find great musicians. Rebooting InBlogNegro....

This is a brief synopsis of my interests. The direction of this blog will follow the whims of this proud black man living in my United States of America.

Thoughts and prayers to the survivors of Gustav.