Monday, September 22, 2008

Judge for Yourself

Ok. Here is the video of the Josh Groban performance to drove me nuts. I watched it again and it still drives me nuts. The problem is not him, it's the fact that he is placed in a position where he can't win. The song list was weird. That might be a rights issue. Where were the Quincy Jones themes (Hikky Burr, Sanford and Son)? The Cosby Show theme? Hey, they did instrumental stuff like the Simpsons theme. What about SWAT? The A-Team? Ok what about the Bosom Buddies Theme? The Facts of Life? Different Strokes?

Plus Groban is about 27. What does he know about TV themes? In his generation, most of the TV shows don't have themes. I am not a fan of his style of music, but he has talent. I just think his management people didn't put him in a position to show his music strengths. The theme to the Fresh Prince was not even that good when Will Smith did it. Movin' On Up? Really? Last I checked, JaN'et Du'Bois is doing pretty well.