Saturday, September 27, 2008

Round 1

Because of my recording duties with the LEOG, I missed last night's debate. Actually, I'm kinda glad I missed it. This week was so full or political spectacle, I needed a break. I watched the replay very very late.

The reviews of the debate make sense to me. Since it was the first debate, I figured there would be no major mistakes, fire bombs or drama. They need to feel each other out and they don't want to use all of there best stuff. I think McCain is behind the eight ball a little bit because he didn't crush Obama in this debate. Opening with the economy didn't flow well for McCain. Obama sounded reasonable on his foreign policy beliefs and has a command of the issues. Of course, McCain has more experience with foreign policy, but he seems rooted in old rhetoric.

The pundits are really focusing on body language, which I always find interesting.

I wonder if this is McCain's sigh or watch-looking moment. We will have to stay tuned.