Monday, September 8, 2008

My fascination Don Draper and Mad Men

I am fascinated with Don Draper, the main protagonist on Mad Men. He is played by Jon Hamm.

There are things that eat at you, late at night, when you can't sleep and the spouse/partner and kids are sleep. You worry about something terrible and haunting that creeps up your spine because of some secret you have. When you are younger, you can bury it and hold the beast down. But the older you get, the more weight on you carry psychologically on the outside of your being. The inner demon gets harder and harder to control and cracks begin to appear. Don Draper is the walking epitome of this feeling.

Last night's show really illustrate this in such a chilling way. This show is so subtle, it is truly disturbing. In the opening, the flash scenes in the "previously on Mad Man" are scenes from all the earlier shows that leave clues for airing show. (This is a unique technique I think. It is what keeps you looked in because every hint dropped can pop up in any part of the story arc.) If you have not been following the show, go get caught up. The cold part, for my taste was near the end of the show when Don is face to face with the comic (Jimmy) his advertising firm works with. Don is also sleeping with the Jimmy's wife. As the comic dresses him down in the most efficient and startling way, Don is dumbstruck. Speechless. Then Jimmy switches on his slimy showbiz smile as Don's wife Betty comes over.

Jimmy has already pull this act with Betty.
The leering smile Jimmy gives them as they leave is Joker like. Just chilling to the bone.

The other great things about the show is how the decorum of yesterday is so different from today. The sexism, the fact there are only brown people in subservient roles (one of the young account guys is the bohemian living in Hoboken and dates a black girl.), the smoking (yuck!) and the booze in the offices (my dream..). This last episode even touched on the environmental differences between today and the past. The Don and Betty, along with their 2 kids are having a picnic in the park and they decide to leave. Betty just dumps the waste from the blanket and Don chucks the beer can he finished in the trees.

This show is delicious.