Monday, September 15, 2008

45 Years Ago Today.

August 28th, 1965 can be called one of the peaks of the Civil Rights movement. The March on Washington culminated with perhaps the most famous speech in American history- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have A Dream Speech". 45 years later on the same day, Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Who knows? If Obama gets elected, that speech and his speech on race might be as well regarded as Dr. King's speech.

September 15th, 1963, 45 years ago today, can possibly be considered one of the saddest days in the Civil Rights movement and American history. The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing struck a chord with the American public. This crime still haunts a lot of people, including Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice. She was school mates with Denise McNair. Spike Lee's wonderful documentary, 4 Little Girls, should be required viewing in all schools.

Historical events like this put things in perspective for me. This event happened in my parents lifetime. This type of sanction hatred is what has scarred many baby boomer-black & white. The racial sensitivity concerning Barack's campaign is because these wounds are still healing.