Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of an Era

One of the many gifts my father gave me is a love of sports. I am from Chicago, where we have legendary sports arenas. Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, Soldier's Field, Old Chicago Stadium and I will throw in the United Center.

If Madison Square Garden is the most famous sports arena in the world, then Yankee Stadium is not to far behind. I have been there a few times and I always enjoyed my time there. WFAN the premier sports radio station in New York put together a nice piece of the Top-25 moments at Yankee Stadium, voted by fans.

For those who scoff at sports, I think they miss point of community that stadiums build over generations. This might be the only common ground Giuliani had with the black community in the 1990s-a love of the champion Yankees. For those of us that can't stand the Yankees or their insufferable fans, there would nothing sweeter than for the Yankees to lose tonight and be eliminated from the playoffs tonight.