Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ten Observations: Damages

Episode 6: A Pretty Girl in a Leotard

1. This open is the lightest open in a while. Just Ellen and David's sister talking. Kate was living in their old apartment and is now moving in with

2. I love Marcia Gay Harden! Scotch drinking, garter-belt wearing, sexpot! And great camera work with the kiss off scene.

3. Kate is always caught in some mess. She gets mugged and sees the guy that followed her in last season. Turns out that he is cop buddy of Rick. I am beginning the remember how annoying she is...

4. Cadillac. Great product placement, this show is just a commercial for the car (as market researcher TV commercials and product placement interests me). A black man buying a Cadillac what a shock (with cash!). Then Dave gives the keys to Walter Kendrick as they both give their opinions on art. Dave is scary smooth.

5. Frobisher is back! The writers must love creating the dialogue for his show. Arthur warns Walter "My advice? When she straps one on, bend over, bite down hard and just take it." How can you not love dialogue this juicy.

6. Creepy President of Coop Board is back! Remember, he was in Patti's pocket last season. He delivers the package from David. What's in the box?

7. Ok. Kate is officially the most annoying character in the series. She is like Jack Bauer's daughter Kim. She keeps sicking her nose stuck in places it doesn't belong. She goes to the cops to file a complaint against this dude? Then bitches out Ellen for helping her? Blaming her for David's death? I wonder how long she will have to live...

8. The flash forward to Rick entering Ellen's apartment. Gun in hand, silencer on. Now is Rick the one that Ellen ends up shooting? Then who does Wes shoot? Wes and Rick are down, but what if Wes has feelings for Ellen and knows Rick wants to kill her?

9. Claire Maddox, cougar! She picks up the waiter that serves the wrong drink. She is a cold woman. "I prefer silence." "I smoke it alone"

10. I love the ticks of the psycho Darrell Hammond. What is it with the chapstick?

Bonus-11. Snap! Patti and Frobisher, together at last! He is the stock holder that is going to sue Walter. Man, this show is good. I know Patti likes to set up people and I know she does it all the time and yet I never catch it.

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