Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten Observations: 24

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

1. Whoa! What an intro! Dubaku takes the knife to the pinky of the 1st gentleman. President Taylor can only trust Jack? And Jack gets tough. "With all do respect Madam President, ask around." This show is intense, especially after the bleak news of President Obama.

2. Larry tries to talk sense some sense to Jack. Don't make Renee like you, Jack. "The rules are what make us better". "Not Today." Jack says. The intensity he commands when he orders people around is sweet. Imagine if this guy was your boss.

3. Dubaku, talking sweet on the phone to his squeeze while extorting the President of the United States. Playa!

4. This episode is all action. Jack smashing cars, killing suspects and shell shocking Renee. She realizes she can't be Jack Bauer. The look on her face as tricks Vesler's wife is great. The pain, the daze look of "What the F*ck am I doing?!". You see, not everyone can be Jack Bauer.

5. Dubaku, leaving in the middle of the mess to go an take care of his girl's noisy sister in a wheelchair? C'mon brotha, you're better than that. He gets away from capture. By the way, what does it say when he can walk through the streets of DC free and law enforcement hasn't put up any wanted posters? He is just chillin' on the train, dating chicks...

6. It's interesting that 24 features American cars. I like that. Jack stealing a new Caddy slamming it into a Ford.

7. Key to 24 plot-A likable character has to get shot and being hanging on for dear life. This season it will be 1st hubby Taylor.

8. Dubaku's crew doesn't play. Come to us with a fake Mutobo, we blow up you car. He should have had those guys at the bodega. They might have killed Bauer and Renee.

9. What the hell is Tony doing and why didn't Jack call him for help tracking Dubaku?

10. I am betting that the blond romancing Agent Billy Walsh.. oh I mean Sean Hillinger,is the mole. She is sexy, yet doesn't have purpose yet. Plus Janis Gold is on to them. I smell a confrontation between Janis and the blond.

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