Monday, February 2, 2009

Ten Observations: 24

Another Monday, another episode of the awesomely audacious 24.

1. I like how the wife of Prime Minister Matobo already buys into the power of Jack Bauer, "Don't worry, Jack will be here soon." Jack has that effect on people He builds trust in you by trying to kill you first. If you survive that, then you and Jack are peeps!

2. I can't see anyone ever calling Janeane Garofolo "honey". I liked it because it simmered under her skin and he told her to "lighten up." I sometimes think she needs to do that in real life. Her appearance on this show helps with that.

3. Dubaku is a wuss. He freaks at the first sign of Bauer and the team. He bails on his plan to melt the chemical plant and drops the CIP device like a bad habit. Wassup with that? You got to represent better than that brotha!

4. The return of the death of the likable innocent people. Michael the programmer has to get himself blown up to protect his family and the plant manager who laughed in the the plant crisis dies.

5. The first gentleman? Imagine calling Bill Clinton that.

6. It's official Dubaku had the The Taylor's kid wacked.

7. I love Dubaku as the fugitive, chillin' on the train, order the husband of the president kidnapped. Where was this dude when Bauer was raining bullets on his ass?

8. Jack bucking for government intervention. This is a great subtle twist. His whole career was trying to give the finger to government, now this ragtag crew needs government, kinda like free-market capitalists.

9. Tony Almeida is always shifty. I like the way you can't ever really tell what is on his mind. He really is a wounded. I wonder how long he will keep his word to turn himself in.

10. Dubaku the Mack! The range of motions the characters have on 24 are cool. This actor has a great face-Hakeem Kae-Kazim He smiles easily at his hot girlfriend while she is at the door. Sinister one minute, sultry and sexy the next. I wonder how he is going to break her heart....