Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Thoughts From the Last Week: Tues 2/17/09 to Tues 2/24/09

Other than my regular Ten Observations: 24 post on Monday, I have been a little out of pocket. Here are the some random thoughts from the last week.

1. I know I have to get my Ten Observations: Damages up. Last weeks episode was good. Uncle Pete, what a guy. By the way, I love character actors that play roles in multiple projects that are on at the same time. Tom Aldredge also appears in Taking Chance, the wonderful HBO movie.

2. If you watch Taking Chance and are not moved, you are a heartless bastard or part of the Taliban.

3. The Bulls pull of a nice trade without trading Kirk Hinrich. I hope the Bulls keep him and let Ben Gordan go.

4. I missed acknowledging the birthday of one of my favorite musicians and songwriters-Smokey Robinson turned 69 on February 19.

5. I realize I'm not into reselling. I'm in the process of cleaning out my storage space and getting rid stuff. I hate setting up garage sales, selling things on Ebay and Craig's List. I'd rather give it to Goodwill because I know these items can put people to work. And the stuff I donate is good stuff-new file cabinets, designer clothes, stainless microwave, etc. I really believe in the idea of sunk costs. For me, there is no way I'm going to get back what I pay for most items, so taking energy to try to sell things for pennies on a dollar is silly to me. I get my repayment by donating items to friends and to people who need them. That's just me.

6. The Oscars were alright. I chuckled at Hugh Jackman, Will Smith's line about action movies having things like fans and doing things like make money and Cuba Gooding Jr's "attack" on Robert Downey, Jr. I still hate musicals, most of the women look pretty good and the best speech of the night belonged to:

Actual this one was the best speech:

Dustin Lance Black, his speech should shame those opposed to gay marriage. Plus the emotion of the faces of the famous when Heath Ledger's family accepted for him was touching. The best live feed blogging was Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily. One of the best media and entertainment insider blogs. Period.

7. Obama's speech was great. I loved the line about high school and the theme of collectives responsibility for fixing America. Also the girl with the simple line in her letter " we are not quitters" really said it all. Next time, I will love blog it. Hey I was tired, I just ran 7 miles.

8. My wife's wallet got stolen out of one of her salons. All she was doing was being kind to someone that had to use the bathroom. She let this woman in while they were closed for training and she took her wallet. I learned about it because of email alerts I have place on our accounts. This bitch used over $1100 of our money and I was alerted because transactions were over $250.00. I encourage everyone to use this feature because it works. We were able to minimize the damage. It was a pain in the ass for her, though. She had to get a new driver's license, new Social Security card and all that crap. I just feel bad that people are getting that desperate. We should get all the funds back.