Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ten Observations: Damages Deluxe Edition

Damages get juicier and juicier. I have missed the last 2 weeks of updates so I just might go past the ten.

Episode 3: I Knew Your Pig.

1. The past comes back. Of course there was a case involving Patti and Daniel Hollis Nye was representing Daniel and her thinks Patti paid off Daniel. So this is why Hollis has been involved with the FBI. Payback!

2. Daniel is the father of Michael. The way Patti tells him is messed up. She is a piece of work. Again, William Hurt is a superb actor for how he played the reaction.

3. I like the subplot of the reporter.

4. Patti set up her own client to get at the case. She called the cops as Daniel was leaving the country. "She's cold as a tombstone" just like the Rolling Stones sang.

5. Danny boy just might be telling the truth about not killing his wife, sketchy blond dude pawns the ring. The plot thickens.

Episode 4: Hey Mr. Pib!

6. I like the opening to episode 4. The dream sequence is creepy. Even when Purcell laughs, it is a laugh that strains to be joyful.

7. The tension when Tom and Ellen look for the reporter (Josh Restin) is a nice subplot. His house is trashed, the editor of his paper is scared. Of course there is a snitch at the diner where Ellen and Tom meet with the editor. Good ole boys.
the way he sneaks up on Ellen is cool. What else does he know?

8. Ellen has a heart? She finally breaks down and does the father/son meet and great with Daniel and Michael.

9. What a role twist for Darrell Hammond. He creeps out the massage woman "Stop staring, your making her nervous." His response, "Do you have instructions for me? I respond to instructions." Robotic and creepy.

10. The twist is DEVASTATING! Daniel pulls a Patti on Patti. The pause before he speaks, he reverses himself in the deposition, he is in the car the the squeezy blond guy (who, by the way, gets shanked in the prison yard). The payoff, the dumping of the water sample..oh. I still don't think he killed his wife, but he obviously was involved.

Episode 5: I Agree, It Wasn't Funny:

11. The "previously on Damages" flashbacks rock. Frobisher, the bad cop? Those guys need to be seen again.

12. "I could always get creative.." Darrell Hammond creep out factor-10 "Do you have more instructions?"

13. Walter Kendrick, bathroom bully. The face smash into the urinal never goes well for the smashee.

14. Back to the scene of the crime, Ellen has these terrible, spacey looks. I would too if I went back to the place I almost died.

15. Ellen needs to learn to shoot. By the looks of the flash-forwards, she learns.

16. Uncle Pete, paranoid old guy. After Patti's husband gets wind of an investigation, she and Uncle Pete go into full paranoid front. Uncle Pete wants to get rid of Ellen, badly. He should, since he botched the first attempt.

17. The twist on who is following Ellen is fabulous. Wes is buddies with Rick the murdering cop. Wes has this dude follow Ellen for Rick. The way Rick is brought back to the show..."You got me cheeseburger?" as he eyes a dead body.

18. Speaking of the botched hit on Ellen. That dude Ellen stabbed SURVIVED! Now Pete has to get him out of town.

19. Patti's husband PLAYA! He looks over the paperwork with his lover. "You only got one night in London!"

20. Who is the black guy with all the power, Mr. Powell?

21. Will Ellen's smooth play work to get Patti's trust? Admitting that she was approached by the FBI, using the Fiske suicide as the excuse.

22. Darrell Hammond, the murderer!

23. Wes shoots someone. Love the music bumps he gets, speed metal. Sheriff Bullock is a nasty mutha!

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