Monday, February 23, 2009

Ten Observations: 24

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

1. Man, I said it last week, Dubaku needs to learn the lesson from Heat. Leave the woman. DeNiro left Amy Brennan in the car when he went back to get Waingro. He got the f*ck out. Dubaku missed that lesson in the "bad ass killer" class.

2. Marika, crashes the car? Really sister, no other way to stop the car? So of course she dies and Dubaku is injured badly. Renee is not used to this stuff so she is starting to lose it on Jack "I gave her my word, so back of or help me!" She is pulling a gun on Jack while trying to save Marika. Then Jack threatens a critically injured Dubaku saying he is going to kill his family. Dubaku takes about the list the is stuck inside his body after pulling a gun on a paramedic. Then Jack does the boldest thing I have seen him do-stick his hand in an African mans blood with no gloves. Aids, anyone? Hey, Dubaku is African...

3. Sean (Billy Walsh) macking on Erica (the blond I thought was the mole). It appears Billy sucked her into the conspiracy. Boy is she annoying. That is something 24 has a habit of doing at times, making some of the female characters shrill and annoying. It started with Kim Bauer. Then Sean does the classic double cross-this kiss and the shoot. He is a cold bastard and it almost worked. He is definitely not as slick as Nina was or Sheryl Palmer.

4. Renee might have moved into the annoying zone. I understand that this has been a hard day, but to jump on Jack about feeling pain. Who the hell is she? Jack has been hooked on heroin, his wife has been killed, his father was part of a conspiracy to bring down the government, his brother was killed, he drove Audrey Raines nuts. I think this man knows pain, lady.

5. I think Marika's sister has got a good lawsuit coming. By the way, Renee is going to have some 'splainin' to do. She still has to answer for the hospital incident.

6. This episode has just moved over to the annoying female character zone. President Taylor's daughter has got to be a pain in the ass.

7. Bill Buchanan does the big speech for Jack for the President. I came off pretty good but I'm not sure President Taylor is that impressed, yet. She needs to see Jack, staring into the sunset overlooking the Washington Mall. This ma'am, is an American hero! But wait, there's more!

8. A Ha! Tony's back cause it ain't over! I love this conversation. I know it's cheesy, but Tony is so serious and earnest.

9. The return of the dirty congressional aid. This dude Ryan looks like a weasel. The look on his face after reading his PDA is great. It was like, "Damn the White House is the one place I don't want to be!"

10. The 2 hours next week look awesome. What is it about attacking the White House? I guess since it hasn't happen since the War of 1812, the thought is so alarming that it drives people nuts. Should be great TV.