Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Week That Was: Birthdays

The Week In Birthdays:

January 17
Mick Taylor

(This is a great interview, a lot of relevant stuff even for musicians of today.)

January 18
David Ruffin

(The note he hits at the 57 sec mark is almost holy.)

January 19
Phil Everly

(This song was written by Paul McCartney)

Janis Joplin

Dolly Parton

January 20
Paul Stanley

(Can you take a threat from Paul Stanley seriously dressed like that?)


(Love this tune-Note how he name drops Alan Lomax)

January 21
Richie Havens

(Singing my favorite song of all time.)

Edwin Starr

( Love the line "Now when I kiss her lips, I turna back over flip" classic Motown lyric writing, turning a regular phrase into pop poetry.)

Billy Ocean

(Gotta love the background singers.)

January 22
Sam Cooke

(Love everything about this man's music)

January 23
Anita Pointer

Django Reinhardt