Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gig Notes: Soul Track Mind-TC's Lounge Wed 1-20-10

Well, last night was my last gig at TC's Lounge for awhile at least. I won't say ever because I would love to get back here with the instrumental group i want to do. Our performance was better than last week's, but like B.B. King sings "The Thrill is Gone"

The power of the band at our peak is not there. We're like a married couple going through the motions, passing each other like ships in the night. It's such a shame. I think the crowd felt it tonight. The singer was not connecting with the audience like he's capable of doing. The stories between songs were falling flat. I tried to play as excited as I could. It's hard when the crowd is not hyped up. When that happens, the band would usually feed off of each other's energy, but the energy was sapped. It was a "dead bassist/horn section walking situation". Our gig on Saturday with T-Bird & the Breaks should be energizing since it's my last gig and we want to perform well for T-Bird's crowd.

Random Gig Notes:

1. Played both basses tonight. The P-Bass was thick and gorgeous. Thanks to Chuck at the Bass Emporium for the great set-up.
2. When STM was on it's break from TC's, Mudbone Hustler filled in for us. Jenni Jones (singer) & Mike Steel (Drummer) from the band came out to hang. During the break, they ask me to help with some arranging for the band. They're looking for an experienced outside ear to help them out. I told them I would. It's an honor for me to help musicians out. The opportunity to try some ideas out gets me excited. Kinda like a very very very small time Gil Evans.

That's why the STM break-up sticks in my craw. We were doing pre-production rehearsals for the album. I was going to produce the album because I've done it before. I was the only member of the band that recorded on commercially released material. It was a chance to try some of my ideas out. Oh well, I'll get the chance on more positive projects.