Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Snapshots

Not the awesomely creepy Peter Gabrial song

My guitars-

Here are four of them L-R: Blondie (Washburn HB-35 Semi-Hollowbody with Seymour Duncan '59 humbucker pick-ups), Clyde (1978 Fender Jazz, with Nostrand NJ4SV Pick-Ups & 2TEK bridge), My 2008 Fender USA P-Bass and my Washburn acoustic guitar:

The Brothers Bass:

The New Kid on The Block:

I have to get a name for this bass. I'm going to get him set up like James Jamerson's Funk Machine-La Bella Flatwound strings, but a low action. He played a '62 Fender P-Bass. I like this one because of the string-through construction. For me, it give the bass a full sound. I like having a sonically full instrument because when I pull it in and /or add effects, the sound holds up better. In my opinion, it's easier to take off fullness than trying to add it. After it's set up, I play it for the 1st time and then the name will come to me.