Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soundtrack Attack

This weekend I took part in filming a web series with some my friends. It's a 12 episode mini-comedy series. It's based on exaggerated versions of ourselves that appear on the LEOG podcast. On of the main creators asked me to create some music for the series. Soundtrack music is a field I've always wanted to get into. I listen to soundtracks all the time. I need to learn more about composing and classical music (I think I might look into taking some courses in composition online from Berklee College of Music)

He's looking for something similar to the Fratellis

Poppy, kinda silly happy rock. Cool stuff. I have some instrumental material like this already. What I need to do is upgrade my home recording gear so I can create soundscapes for images. Another film gig I want is music supervisor. I have a good feel for music & the visual image. What I need to do is get up to date on my copyright and licensing education. Here is a good primer from the LA Times about a career as as music supervisor.