Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ten Observations: 24

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Juma in the house. The White House that is.

1. Juma "releasing" one of the hostages was intense. This is why Dubaku was under Juma. Juma is a cold, heartless bastard.

2. The Vice President is a wuss. This is why he is Vice President. He uses the "My advisers..." excuse. Not very decisive. Agent Moss pulls a Jack Bauer "We're going in on my authority" after the explosion, speaking of which...

3. Man, I really liked Bill Buchanan. Solid guy. His voice was full of defeat as he realized that he didn't have what it would take to get to the heart of the conspiracy. He is resigned to his fate as he shocks Jack and runs into the trap room with the gas leak. This year 24 is handling the character complexity in a more complete fashion than season 6.

4. I didn't agree with the way Jack handled Juma. Jack is like a surgeon with a gun, he could have wounded Juma and then tortured him for information. I guess Jack was just pissed off at Juma and the death of his friend.

5. Jack took Bill's death harder than I thought he would. Renee just looked at him. I'm glad she didn't get all righteous on him. No slapping and yelling "Do you feel this.." from her. You see, Renee, Jack knows a wee bit about loss and sacrifice.

6. I love the power play between Jack, Agent Moss and Renee. Renee's head is spinning so much. She admires Jack, she hates Jack, everything Jack does is wrong, but maybe he has a point...Agent Moss is very threaten by Jack. Like a jilted lover, he takes Renee to the verbal woodshed about going behind his back. How long do you think the "indefinate suspension will last?

7. Jon Voight is so good, so subtle, scary and calm. He is like the Bizzarro Obama.

8. The assassin with a heart? "Hey I can't kill the guy with a family, so you, patient answering these questions are going to pay for your kindness!" I'm not sure how to feel about this.

9. Olivia is a tiger! After almost getting her eyes cut out, she goes after Ethan like a raw piece of meat. Especially after playing nice with him, she asks for his resignation. Her eyes and face turn vicious. I think this hearkens back to Sherry Palmer. Nice.

10. How would you like to wake up in the hospital with your torturer hanging over you threatening you? That was scary. Then,The Jack Bauer Set Up! Temparary nerve agent, Jack drools, fingerprints pressed to glass shard, neck is slit and the shard driven into the chest. Classic set up. Jack gets out and is on the run. Isn't that where we like to see Jack, on the run as the lone wolf?