Monday, March 2, 2009

Ten Observations: 24 Deluxe Edition Part II


These might go down as the 2 best hours of 24 in the history of the series! They were that good.

6:00PM - 7:00PM

1. You didn't thinks Dubaku was going to make it, did you? That was an easy call. I tell ya, I don't every want to be in a hospital "under guard". Hey, the attack on his father in the hospital drove Michael Corleone to a life a crime.

2. Chloe vs. Janis. Timid confrontation, but funny. Chloe does more emotions with her pursed lips than anyone I have ever seen. The nervousness and twitching is funny.

3. Jack shocks himself with what he is about to do-"I'm driving off a cliff here, Tony..." He knows this Ryan Burnet guy is in store for a major ass-whoopin' By the way, did FBI dry clean his suit from earlier? Jack looking dapper for the mayhem he is about to unleash. The show borrowing from the Daniel Craig James Bond-Dapper Violence. It has come full circle. 24 took action up a notch and films have responded. Now 24 is following the films.

4. Speaking of ass "The President didn't call me up here at the ass-end of the day to drink her booze and flip through a briefing book..." Kurtwood Smith is such a great curmudgeon.

5. Ok Jack, why beat up Bill Buchanan? He is the nice guy. He was begging you man! But when Jack gets the Terminator Eyes, he won't be denied. Someone should have a count of how many of Jack's "friends" have had their ass kicked my him. I guess it is like being hazed in the fraternity of Jack Delta Die.

6. Renee Walker is sensitive about Jack. I like the fact that her character's head is spinning around this day. How would you process this day?

7. Jack and a taser. Taser meet Ryan Burnett. Jack is not f*ckin' around. " I can squeeze this trigger 128 more times..." Even the President on the phone is not immune. Jack tasers the phone to shut her up.

8. Jack is unhinged in this episode. After they blast the door to get in to him, Jack blast Senator Mayer "And you sir are weak! Unwilling and unable to look evil in the eye and deal with it!" He scared the hell out of Ethan, "Bauer says there's going to be an attack, I believe this, there's going to be an attack" and I don't want him kicking my ass if he thinks I'm in his way. The President is just as tough. She puts Senator Mayer in his place when he offers to help "I know the man.." She replies "Apparently, you don't."

9. Renee becomes Jack again. I'm impressed with her leaping skills and swimming skills. She outswims a motorboat.

7:00PM - 8:00PM

10. Aaron Pierce-the Barack Obama of secret service agents. Calm, cool and collected. Even tempered. I love this guy. He settles down the excitable Olivia. Even she has to say "Well done agent".

11. Jack is really a piece of work. After kicking Bill's ass, he asks Bill to become Jack. I like this character insight on Bill. You really get to know that Jack is cut from a different cloth. The way Bill sounds defeated knowing that he can't be Jack is genuine.

12. Random thought: Africa is really getting put on the American consciousness this year. The plot of 24 is based around Africa and Jill Scott's new HBO series is based in Africa. I actually looks pretty good. Perhaps things can finally start to change there. I think this is part of the Obama effect, which was kinda kicked off with 24 in 2001 with Senator David Palmer.

13. Renee tries to talk some sense to into Dubaku's kid, but he was doomed. Sorry son.

14. Ahh's on! Guns blazin', hostage takin' brothas in the (White) hizzous!
Aaron has to play John McClaine with Olivia Taylor. Plus, Juma's soldiers are high tech. I like that.

15. Love the Jon Voight cameo! Eating Chinese... Offers ups the best line of the show as he offers Juma the President's daughter. "Stress, is the fertilizer of creativity. Let's play some darts.." The casting of this should is great. Random thought. I like how Olivia has stopped becoming annoying. I guess stress will do that.

16. The VP is a wuss, nothing like Powers Boothe when he was VP to Wayne Palmer. Noel Daniels would've nuke the White House.

17. Olivia gets busted before the Morse Code can go out. Hey they did it in Executive Decision before the plane was going to get bombed.

18. You knew President Taylor was going to open the door. There was no way her daughter was going to get cut.

19. Juma's slap of the President was shocking. I went "Oh Sh*t!" It was the fact that he is a big man, she is a woman and the fact this General just smacked the sh*t out of our President. Could you imagine Putin taking a swing at Obama? Saddam throwing on on either of the Bushes or Clinton? The look on her face and the gasp of the hostages were classic. So was Juma's response "You...don't give orders to me." He was so calmed and controlled, it was scary.

20. Random thought, there was a great commerical from Sierra Mist with Abe Lincoln pulling a Wrestlemania at the Lincoln/Douglas debates. It had me thinking, which President would win in a fight? I know Teddy Roosevelt was a boxer. FDR was in a wheelchair, so I wouldn't bet on him. Washington was a big, strapping dude. Plus those guys from the Revolutionary War were tough. Andrew Jackson was a hothead. He probably would smash a glass in your face. Clinton? Bush I was a war hero. So was Kennedy. Ford, when he was younger was a college football All-American. Don't mess with the Texans, W and Lyndon Johnson. Nixon would probably shank you. Someone needs to figure this out. Doris Kearns Goodwin needs to write this book.

Whew...24 is getting back to the heart racing pace it had in the past.