Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the Scene: Perez Hilton

This party is what parties should be. Engaging host, free booze, great DJ, good bands, great arty crowd. Prior to this party, I have only heard of Perez Hilton and never read his blog. I have become a fan. This party reminded me of dance clubs I use to go to in the early 90's in New York-Tunnel, Limelight, Shelter,Webster Hall and the Palladium. The feeling I had was of a little wonder and adventure, though this party was a lot tamer than New York club action, especially back in those days (Peter Gatien, Michael Alig anyone?)

My friend Belinda got me in as her plus one so I thank her for that. We didn't stay for the whole thing so I missed out on Kanye West. My crush on Solange was continued as she brought the house down for the second night in a row. We left after her set. I must give special props to the DJ Aaron LaCrate. The brother brought it on the wheels of steel...

Again, in my younger days I would have partied all-night. Perhaps with a little help, if you hear what I'm saying.

His blog post about the Austin party is here. Here are some pics. I'll post my pics of soon and my reviews of the performances up soon.

Aaron LaCarte-


On The Wall For All-

Me the Swinger-

The Most Interesting Men in the World-


Perez Warhol-

Perez is Hot-


Crowd Man-