Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Putin on the Hits.

I am in a good mood. I got the position I wanted at my employer. I enjoyed a very entertaining Monday Night Football game. Even the markets are starting on an mild upswing today. I really believe Obama is going to do very well in tonight's debate and I think I am going to have to plan someway and somehow to go to a historic inauguration.

So as I am checking my email, I see this headline:

Judo Black Belt Putin shows off moves in DVD.

Putin cracks me up. When Bush talked about looking into the soul of Putin, maybe it was because Putin put a nasty judo chop to his neck and Bush was dizzy. Putin is the guy that heisted Robert Kraft's SuperBowl Ring.

Vladimir Putin is 56 years old today. I am wishing him a happy birthday, so he doesn't put a smackdown on my ass or steal any of my stuff.

I think we need a showdown between Vladimir Putin and Chick Norris.