Friday, October 3, 2008

More Thoughts on the Debate.

After reading the reviews and listening to the pundits, I have some questions.

If Sarah Palin doesn't want to answer any questions except the ones she hears in her head, how can she be accountable?

Why is the country full of Joe Six Packs? What about Jane Six Pack? What about soccer dads?

Why do we need more of Wasilla, Alaska in Washington D.C.? Doesn't D.C. have enough of a drug problem?

I think my problem with McCain/Palin is their idea of main street America. That smells kinda exclusive to me. I think it is a subtle version of fear mongering. Let's face it, the country is changing. Nixon's silent majority includes people of color, gay people, people of different or no religious faith.

The debate was good. Biden and Palin are professionals. People will have to make the choice between substance and style. I must admit, I love when Joe Biden goes third person and when he held his hand up to his ear.