Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Back

1st there was the greatest election of my lifetime. Then, I had my career transition.

I started my job as the Competitive Media Analyst in my company on Thursday November 6. The career switch is a big deal to me. I must go into some history here.

I knew I was going to be a musician when I was 15 years old. I geared all of my decisions toward having a career in music-I didn't get married, I have no kids, I worked freelance jobs. After slugging away as the music industry wasted away, I moved to Austin and worked in cover bands. I decided to go back to school and I didn't stop for 6 years. I ended up at the local paper here in Austin and I was primed to move into my retiring boss's job. It was the AR Manager and I just finished my MBA in Finance after completing my BBA in Accounting. To add to the expectation, I was told in 2007 I was going to move into that job. So I was shocked when I was screwed out of the job by a nutjob middle manager. This person really doesn't know what teamwork is and wants to do everything a certain way.

This really added some stress to me. He I am in my mid-30s, getting turned down for a job in the cubicle world after I had trained for it. I was a great student, A average for my BBA and MBA while I worked full-time. I left my music to get a real job and the real job rejected me. I was not happy.

Then the marketing department had this position and it is perfect for me. I use my intellect. I am really a professional information junkie. I look up data and use my judgment to provide people the information they need. The information is all about media use, tracking and measurement and forecasting. The same skills I used in accounting and finance, but now with fun information: audience measurement, market share, audience behaviors. The great thing is that I have been doing this stuff intuitively because I was selling a product and skill in an over saturated market-music.

I have my footing and I will be back to my daily blog posting. Now the election is over and my guy won, I will watch, report and be encouraged. I feel now is the time for a rebirth in America. I really believe our economic issues will get worked out. I feel the good vibe coming back.